Criminal, DWI, and Traffic Lawyers

Auburn and Central New York

Sugarman Law Firm is well positioned to serve individuals facing violation, misdemeanor, or felony criminal charges. Our criminal law department includes a former prosecutor who has a critical understanding of how the district attorney's office operates and how criminal cases are put together by the police and the prosecution.  Sugarman Law Firm's attorneys are uniquely positioned to defend those accused of wrongdoing.

Sugarman Law Firm is ready to help you when you or a family member needs it the most. We will protect your rights, inform you of your obligations, and make a complicated process easier to understand. You will rest easier knowing that Sugarman attorneys are on your side.

Having oneself or a family member accused of a crime is a stressful, unfamiliar process for most people. Having to interact with the police when accused of a crime, interpreting criminal accusatory documents, protecting one’s rights and navigating the judicial system are situations with which most people are unfamiliar. That’s where Sugarman attorneys excel. As former prosecutors, they know how the prosecution thinks, how the prosecuting attorney will put together a case, and they know how to best defend their client.

Sugarman Law Firm attorneys can do more than just defend your rights. We can make the experience less stressful. Being accused of a crime can be intimidating and frightening. At times like that, you want an experienced attorney who knows how the criminal process works. You want an experienced attorney who knows the strategies police and prosecutors use in order to obtain a conviction. You want an attorney who is uniquely situated to help you or a family member. We will explain the process in a manner that is easy to understand in order to reduce the natural stress associated with being charged with a crime.

Many people are unaware that Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is a crime that carries punishment for conviction that includes a fine, probation, incarceration, or a combination of those penalties. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to maximize your chances of a favorable disposition.

Sugarman Law Firm represents clients in both state and federal courts throughout New York State. Our attorneys are ready to assist you with:

  • Speeding and traffic tickets
  • Traffic Violations, including Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI)
  • Driving While Intoxicated (DWI and DWAI) charges
  • Boating While Intoxicated (BWI) charges
  • Misdemeanors, including white collar crimes
  • Felonies, including white collar crimes

Whether you need assistance with motions, hearings, trials, or appeals, our attorneys are ready to go to work for you.

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and the Sugarman defense attorneys know how to maximize your chances of a favorable outcome. Call us and let us get to work for you.